Everyone needs a break from life sometimes. For us, ironically, this break comes every time we step through the doors where we work: Seven Oaks Café.

Maybe it’s the historical house that makes the atmosphere seem less like a traditional restaurant and more like stepping into an old friend’s home for a delicious meal, or maybe it’s all the kids who spend their time running around outside when it’s nice out, playing lawn games and laughing while their parents catch up over food.

Pictured is our Garlic Shrimp dinner entrée.

The best way to enjoy food is together, and we believe that to our core. When anyone steps through our door, we want their worries to float away so they can enjoy their time together and take a break from the every day stresses of their life.

Monotony is boring. Don’t get us wrong, our regular menu items will knock your socks off, but we like to change things up whenever we get a chance. It’s why, even though we don’t do lunch or dinner on Sundays, we switch it up and offer a delicious brunch instead.

In addition to our lunch and dinner menu, we also serve a brunch on Sundays that makes use of the fresh, local ingredients we have.

We flex this creativity each day – we always have at least one lunch and dinner special option not typically found on our menu. Occasionally, we even break out a dessert special to add to our menu. We’re always experimenting with new cocktails and homemade sangria. This means every time you come to Seven Oaks, it will be a little different for you.

And it doesn’t stop there. Families love to come by for our many events we have, like our Low Country Boil dinners we have every Friday night in the summer accompanied with live music and outdoor games, or our Prime Rib dinners we hold Friday nights throughout the winter.

Community is important to us at Seven Oaks Café. It’s why we were mindful about the location we chose when we decided to open up (for more on the history behind the McLean home we’re located in, click here).

If we haven’t seen you yet, we hope you’ll stop by soon. Even if we have seen you before, you should come again for specials you won’t see on our menu otherwise.  

There’s only one rule: don’t forget dessert.

This is a Cranberry Chocolate Chip Bread Putting dessert special we had around the holidays.