Seven Oaks Cafe

Seven Oaks Cafe is closed for business

We have made the difficult decision to close down operations of Seven Oaks Café.  Sometimes you have to part with things you love in order to take care of other priorities, and this is the case with the café. 

Thanks for your consideration and understanding. 

Relaxed southern dining

Casual southern fare including a mix of original dishes with numerous specials is the concept for Seven Oaks Cafe, Family and pet friendly, Seven Oaks provides a relaxed environment for dining set among the beautiful landscape of McLean.

Daily specials including entrees and special cocktails are the norm here and an opportunity for us to provide our patrons a different touch.

Legacies and traditions

Seven Oaks Café is located in the John Davidson McLean House built in the 1850s. McLean and his father William McLean were the first doctors of Gaston County and this area of rich farm land known as The Point. The name Seven Oaks traces its roots back to the 1800s to the McLean family and a daughter of JDB McLean, a farmer, sheriff and area leader who noted seven majestic oak trees flanking her home.

The lands making up McLean, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, and the Seven Oaks Preserve trails were all acquired by Daniel Stowe shortly before and after World War II. Here Stowe built his home along the water in what is now the South Shore community in addition to owning the Plantation House antiques store that operated from The McLean House. Like the McLean family, Stowe also farmed the land and held many a festive event hosting friends and neighbors.

We invite you to enjoy and celebrate Seven Oaks and the rich traditions and legacies of Stowe, the McLean and this picturesque land.

Events and Staffing

Outdoor dining, events, and new offerings

One of the things we love at Seven Oaks s the ability to enjoy the great setting around the McLean House, both for outdoor dining as well as having some room for kids of all ages to get some fresh air, play a game of corn hole or even climb a tree.

Seven Oaks Cafe and its lawn are a great setting for both formal and informal events.Contact us to explore options for your group.  We look forward to the opportunity of creating just the right menu and options for you